how to make a flyer in word FREE in 2018 –

How to make flyers in word FREE, this is what many people want to know, but………

How to make flyers in word for free?

This question is very demanded, because everyone wants to save a few dollars in the advertising of your company or business.

Here we are going to give answer to this question, and we are going to do it in a series of articles that will give how to do it from different computer programs (some free and others not). In this we will use the program to make free flyers called Word.

In today’s article we are going to explain how to make flyers in Word for free in 2018.

como hacer flyers en word

With a few simple steps you will get the design of your flyers for free, we start:

Step 1. Open the Official Microsoft Website

Let’s go to the following website (flyers word templates), from there we can see the main categories (Curriculuns, Calendars, Prospects, Brochures, etc). We are on the site of free microsoft flyers templates.

Step 2. Choose Brochures

We choose Brochures and a variety of examples of different brochures (Power Point and Word) will be opened to us. From here we can download flyer templates for free online.

Step 3. Choose the brochure we like best in this program to make flyers.

When you enter this program to make flyers for free, clicking on the brochure we like will open a page where we can download this brochure template to our computer.

Step 4. Open the Downloaded Brochure

We open the previously downloaded file and the chosen brochure will be opened.

Step 5. Modify the downloaded brochure

From here you can modify the flyer, putting the name of your business, data and changing images. You can also change fonts, colors, etc..

Important information: To make a flyer that is printable, you must bear in mind that it must have a series of requirements.

Step 6. Save as your flyer design.

Once you have your free flyer designed, save the work done. Save -> Save As.

Now it’s up to you, your design ability and your ability to make texts appealing to your future customers. You already know how to make a flyer in word for free.

Objective accomplished now you know how to make a flyer in word for free.


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I also leave a very well explained video step by step of how to make an advertising flyer in word step by step, really good and enjoyable.

how to make a word flyer

CONCLUSION: You already know how to make flyers in word

Now that you know how to make flyers in word, please help us make this information reach as many people as possible. Just click on the buttons you will find just below and share it in your social networks…….Thank you very much for your help.

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